To my dearest childhood friend, I just want to wish you and yours a fantastic day! *muwah!*

(me and Levi at a SJ Sharks game Oct. 2000)

Today I spent a leisurely day watching movies on that new damned digital cable we just got. I watched "Finding Forrester", and "Dirty Dancing" (one of my all time favorite movies!) I loudly and proudly sang along to the ending song, "I've Had The Time Of My Life", causing Ashlyn to flap her arms wildly and squeal in delight. I wish I got that kind of reception all the time...usually my friends roll their eyes and sarcastically say, "Oh yeah, you sound JUST like Mariah Carey." *shallup you!* Although I've accepted the fact that I CAN'T sing, I love doing it anyway. Aric sings beautifully, but rarely does. I always notice that those who CAN sing, usually won't. Why is that??? If you've got it, flaunt it!
I realize that I do A LOT of goofy things in front of Ashlyn...like dance around the room and pretend to be J. Lo or something...but as always, Ashlyn is more than delighted. And that's cool. =)

Aric and Wey went biking today. They're training for the big LA marathon next Sunday. So tonight when I brought it up over family dinner with Aric's relatives, his dad and uncles were like, "What?...a marathon? Are you running?" Dude...tea nearly shot out of my nose!
I was like, "Run?!...I don't think so." HAHAHAHA! But poor Aric...I think he was sour that I made fun of him. I mean he gets enough of it from me at home. I can't help it...I think a bit of exercise would do him some good.

Well, our hardrive's acting up again so I'm going to keep this journal short. Besides, gotta catch N'SYNC perform for the Closing Ceremony tonight! =) Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Sis sent me a picture of her and our parents at a charity banquet last night. They look so spiffy and happy...just thought I'd share it with y'all:

Sis, Mom, and Dad

Over the weekend, Ashlyn's learned to actively grab things and put them into her mouth! It's time to baby-proof the house! *Zoiks!*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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