Hye Un, Emily, and I in the dressing room

Today Ann, Emily, Hye Un, Ashlyn, and I went bridesmaid dress shopping in Huntington Beach. Once again, we were not allowed to take pictures of the dresses at this boutique, but when do I ever follow the rules?! =P We wanted to get snapshots to show the other three bridesmaids who couldn't make it. After trying on dozens of dresses, Ann finally narrowed it down to two (I think):

Emily modeling Dessy (left) and Jim Hjelm (right)

The dress on the left was the same one Wil wore for Ivy's wedding. But Ann's going for a different color. They're both beautiful (and pricey)! After spending a good amount of time at the boutique, we headed back to Ann's. Ann had a performance tonight for a Chinese School banquet...she's to perform "Get this Party Started" by Pink, so she asked me to do something funky with her hair. I gave her a bunch of twisties on her head, along with two pig-tails. Phil added the finishing touches by spraying pink hair color and glitter.

me, Ann, and Emily

I really wanted to see Ann perform, but Aric and I had plans with Brian, Ed, Sue, and Wey. Brian came down to help set up Ed's network at the shop. Afterwards, had dinner at CPK while we listened to Brian's outrageous and entertaining stories. Then we hung out at Ed and Sue's till midnight. N'SYNC performed "POP" at the end of tonight's Olympics. YAY! =D
Here are some pictures from tonight:

Brian and Ashlyn

Ashlyn, Ed, and Sue

Ashlyn with the old gang-Aric, Brian, Ed, and Wey

More Celebrity/Famous Sightings:
Anne - Owen Wilson, Tom Hanks, Brian Austin Green, Ned (the peach pit guy), and 2 other 90210 cast members (but she forgot their names)

Matty - Steve Young, Spudd Webb, Dennis Rodman, Jason Kidd, Debbie Lin (Guess model), Carrie Inaba (Fly Girl dancer), and Maylene Briones (singer from Pinay).

El & Keith - Ming Na

Thanks for sharing your celeb sightings with me! It made me think, and I thought of a few more...on the international tip though. In 1997, I met Aaron Kwok in Taiwan, and on the same trip I saw Chinese Singer Daniel Chan. Then in 2000, I saw Jordan Chan (of HK gangster movie "Young and Dangerous" fame) at a Taiwan hot spot called MILK. He's much more of a cutie in person! =D Hmmm..I guess that's it.

*yawn* It's been a long day. I'm pooped!

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