"Gaseous Maximus"

Tonight Wey came over for dinner and to watch the Olympics. We patiently waited (for three hours) to see Michelle Kwan skate. Prior to the skating competition, I checked email in our home office when I heard Wey and Aric roaring with laughter. *What the hell?* I went to see what was so funny, and they were flipping back and forth between the Olympics and The Glutton Bowl. Let me just say that this show is pretty damn disgusting! Not so much WHAT they were eating, but HOW they were eating it, and watching some of them fight back the "reversal". I missed the butter stick eating competition, but I sat through most of the beef tongue, hot dog, mayo, bull-balls, and cow brains competition. *GAG!* A bunch of guys eating with such intense fervor...it's enough to make you give up food completely....FOREVER!
The winner of the Glutton Bowl was this small (compared to everyone else), lean, cut Japanese guy who ate 31 hot dogs in 2 minutes, and blew everyone away by consuming the most cow brains (41) in the allotted time (5 minutes). I guess it goes to show that looks can be decieving. The only thing I found funny about the program was the goofy names the contestants gave themselves (ie..."Doginator", "Glut Glum", "The Crusher", "Garbage Gut", "The Endless Pit", etc..).
Glenda came over. She, too, shared the same nauseated look I had when watching The Glutton Bowl. hehehehe

What can I say?...I'm still picking up the pieces to my broken heart. I'm totally and completely bummed out that Michelle didn't get the Gold. Years of hard work and high hopes dashed in minutes. I feel her pain. I fought really hard to avoid crying while she stood on the award platform. She's such a strong person. I would have locked myself in a room and cried for days...but that's just me. =P I was confused by the scoring too. Sucks, yo. =(

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