Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I went up to Monterey Park to see Wil and Tony again. We also met up with Rob and Brooke for lunch at Shakas. Shakas...needless to say, is a Hawaiian restaurant similar to L&L's or Zippy's. Both Wil, Tony, and I had the kalbi plate, while Rob, Brooke, and Aric had the Shakas Plate (which includes spam musubi, mac salad, chicken salad, sesame chicken, and rice). The food was scrumptious!

2300 S. Garfield Ave. Suite D
Monterey Park, CA

Tel: (323) 888-2695

Wil and Ashlyn

Wil and Tony

Afterwards, Wil, Tony, Aric, Ashlyn, and I went to Glendale Galleria to walk around and shop. Since moving down here, I rarely venture out of the Orange County area, so it was nice to get out and see other parts of Southern California. We spent another fun filled day hanging out with Wil and Tony..and, as always, it was tough saying goodbye to them.*sniff*

...it's Miss Jackson, if you're NASTY!

Aric and I had some errands to run, then we met Wey for dinner at our place. Ann and Phil came over and hung out till after midnight. We all watched Janet Jackson's HBO Concert from Hawaii! Janet looked HOT! I WANT her abs! She put on an awesome show, and we even got to sneek a peek at her while she did outfit changes in her dressing room. I was kind of tripping out...I kept asking everyone, "does she know that there's a camera in the dressing room?!" *no answer* I turned to see silly grins on all the guys' faces, as well as Ann's. hehehe Janet definitely made some guy's night by picking him out of the audience, strapping him down on a platform, running her hand over his groin, and bumped-n-grinded him throughout the song. Homeboy will be taking cold showers for the rest of his life. HAHAHAHA

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