HAPPY BIRTHDAY to our "pledge mom", MAYU!

Wishing you a day filled with birthday cheer, *spirits*, and lotsa CANDY!

me, Ashlyn, Jennifer, Sunny, and Aric

Today Aric, Ashlyn, and I attended Jennifer and Sunny's wedding in El Monte. The bride looked absolutely beautiful and the groom looked bashfully handsome. Best wishes to the happy couple!
Pictures from today:

Aric, Ashlyn, and me

Ashlyn, me, and Wil

Aric and his babygirl

Jennifer, along with her bridesmaids and friends, doing a little dance

Because we were going to see Tony's parent's, Mike, and Yvonne, I dressed Ashlyn in the cute little Christian Dior outfit they got her for Christmas. The little Christian Dior beanie stood so tall, it made Ashlyn look like she should be working at the Hot Dog On A Stick booth. hehehe So we took it off.
So far, I've attended two weddings this year. Aric and I counted, and we have five more weddings to go (that we know of)! *Zoiks!* I do enjoy attending weddings though. It pacifies my sappy romantic soul. I love the whole flowers, tulle, and promise of neverending love bit. I'm thrilled at seeing the results of everyone's hard work and creativity when it comes to their BIG day. But most importantly, I love being able to share and witness the beginning of the couples' joyous lives. I don't know what's wrong with me, but I always cry at the sight of every father/daughter dance.
Peg: "When Ashlyn gets married, you're going to cry like a baby!"
Aric: "No, I won't."
Peg: "Yeah you will!...just wait and see."
Actually, I'm sure when the day comes, I'll be crying like a baby! =P

We spent the rest of the day hanging out with Wil and Tony at Tony's parent's place. Aric and I decided to skip dinner with Wil, Tony, and Tony's parents because I wanted to give Wil a chance to spend some time with her in-laws. Besides, Cho-Cho-San, the sushi-boat place they were going to is tiny...it's more of a "date restaurant" rather than a "family restaurant".


So Aric, Ashlyn, and I headed home. When Wil got back from dinner, she told me that Fabio was dining at the restaurant. *COOL!* Not that I'm a big fan of Fabio or anything...but I'm easily starstruck. Wil and Tony are always at the right place, at the right time to spot a celebrity: Brandy, Shelley Long, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Ron Howard, Russell Wong, Chris Rock, Jack Nicholson, Bernie Mac, Danica McKellar, Jaleel White, the oldest son from the TV show, "Mr. Belvedere", and many more (but I can't remember). My only claim to fame is seeing Keanu Reeves at the Miyako Hotel in San Francisco, and Tia Carrere and Doogie Howser at Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas. Oh wait...in 1993, I met James Hong and Tsai Chin (that lady that plays Auntie Lindo in the Joy Luck Club) at the Marriott Hotel in SF. Which reminds me of an embarassing story....that night, Cin, TJ, and I were there for some Miss Chinatown event, and we had our pictures taken with both actors. Tsai Chin was not very friendly at all...and Cin and I ranted about what a biznitch she was being while we touched up our makeup in the bathroom...when low and behold, SHE came out of one of the bathroom stalls!!! Dude, we ran out of there in a quickness! Taught us not to talk trash in the lady's room ever again! =P

I'd love to see who else has crossed paths with someone famous. Email me, and make me green with envy! =)

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