one of my sweethearts on Valentine's

Like the above picture? Oh yeah, baby!...I'm ready to work at Sear's Portrait Studios. hehehe
It's funny, whenever Ashlyn sees the camera, she automatically smiles. Does she even know what the silver boxy thing in my hand does? I guess she's used to it...afterall, I've been pointing the camera at her everyday since she was born. She sees me smile, so she's probably just copying me. Or she's a natural ham. =D

Valentine's Day used to be such a big deal to me in my younger days....especially in grade school, when I'd come home and dump those little cards on the carpet and count how many I got. Or in high school, when you get candy-grams in first period. But I realized it's because I got stuff from classmates I normally didn't even talk to. When it comes to family and friends, Valentine's Day is not much different from any other day. They always make it known how much they care.

Aric told me not to make dinner tonight, so I guess I'll just see what he has planned. I feel bad that I can't spoil Aric the way I used to. I mean, now that I'm not working, I don't feel right buying him gifts with his hard earn money...it's like him buying himself a gift. Christmas was especially tough, because while he got me half a dozen gifts, I didn't get him a single thing. I sheepishly told him that if it's the thought that counts, I was thinking about getting him an XBox. hehe Well, he has ME...and I'm gift enough! HAHAHAHA!
Seriously though, instead, I have to rely on my creativity and some elbow grease (ie..cupcakes for his coworkers). I was emailing Wey with some ideas, and he said, "seriously...guys are very gracious givers..but not very gracious receivers...we like to provide..."
Yeah...that's no help. Let's see what I can MacGyver tonight. *wink*

Wishing you all a day filled with lots of love, hugs, and kisses!

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