Wishing you the very best for a year already filled with so many special memories!

Picture collage of Ivy
(clockwise: 3rd Grade, Miss Chinatown USA 1994, Birthday 2001, and Wedding 2002)

Dude, Ivy's going to whoop my ass for posting the picture of her in all her crowning glory! =P Let's just say I like to live dangerously. hehehe Hey, just be glad I didn't post the semi-nude John Louie shots up.*grin*

This is a sure sign that I'm totally new to this "mom" thing. The other night, when Ashlyn had another big poopy, I asked Aric to bring me another outfit. Since he's not familiar with her closet, he brought me a new shirt. To my surprise, it didn't fit her!...even though the tag on the shirt said '6 MONTHS'! It was WAY too tight, and she looked like she was going to hit up the clubs or something. So today I brought out all of her 6-9 MONTH clothes and prewashed them. I was pretty bummed to find out that she outgrew some of them. *sigh* That sucks!...she had so many cute outfits. Well, I guess I can hang onto them for my next child...unless Wil, Cin, or Ivy want to jump on the baby-bandwagon, then there's plenty of new clothes for them! hehehehe
I wished someone had told me. I was just going to bring out the 6-9 MONTH clothes right when she hit the 6 month mark. *shake head* I'm such an amateur!

I was talking to the Ed and Aric (on party-line) today:
Ed: "Man, I'm feeling the burn!"
Peg: "Why?"
Ed: "I don't know what to get Sue for Valentine's Day."
Peg: "I'm sure she'll like anything you get her."
Ed: "Hurtin'."
Aric: "Just get it tomorrow."
Peg: "Hon, he has to get it today."
Aric: "How come?"
Peg & Ed: "Because Valentine's is tomorrow."
Aric: "It is?...I thought it was Friday!"
Ed: "Dude!"

Yep...my husband, the romantic. *sigh* I guess these things aren't quite what they used to be once you have a baby. Now I'm feeling the burn. =T

Glenda came over tonight, and she helped me bake Valentine cupcakes for Aric's coworkers. It's my futile attempt to be the nice domesticated wife. =P I made lemon cupcakes with pink strawberry frosting and chocolate fudge cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. *pat on the back* Shameless...I'm the only person I know who gives herself props.
Anyhow, Glenda and I caught up on her exciting new 'single-life', and watched Dawson's Creek (which, by the way, was a depressing episode). Wey came home with Aric, and we all hung out, watched the Olympics, and played with the baby.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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