GONG XIE FAH TSAI! (Mandarin) or GONG HAY FAT CHOY! (Cantonese)

Ashlyn's RICH! *rubbing greedy hands together*

The past few nights have been spent going around celebrating Chinese New Years with Aric's family and relatives. I know my family was pretty bummed not having us around for their festivities. Ashlyn got a lot of red envelopes, and Aric and I stashed them under her mattress. It's said that if you put your red envelopes under your pillow and sleep on them before opening them up, the money will double. I know it's just a superstition, but we did it anyway. hehehe

Yesterday Ashlyn had another doctor's appointment...a follow up to her Friday appointment. Much to my relief, she's finally getting over her cold. As I sat in the waiting room, the mother sitting next to me and I struck up conversation. Her son is only a month older than Ashlyn, but by watching him, I can tell that I have so much to look forward to this month. My...the time seems to fly!

Once again, I didn't do much today...just spent the entire day uploading tons and tons of pictures taken on my visit up North. Been following the Olympics off and on. I was surprised to see Men and Women's Halfpipe as a competition. Snowboarding's relatively new and I wonder how they go about judging that. It's like Skateboarding...an X-Game. And who judges the Halfpipe? What are the requirements? I mean, snowboarding tricks are constantly being invented. *shrug* I dunno. Regardless, USA Men's took Gold, Silver, and Bronze, while USA Women's took Gold. Kickass!

*oooh!*...sucks to be MSNBC

Wey sent me the above picture today. It's a typo...the man's name is Niger Innis. =P *yikes!*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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