Last night Aric and I did our pizza/movie night. We watched "The Others" and "Spy Game". "The Others" was a pretty creepy movie up until the end, then the infamous twist kicked in, and it became less scary. It was a good movie. I noticed that I've become quite a coward when it comes to scary movies. Even trailers for "The Mothman Prophecies" and "Dragonfly" freak me out. I used to love scary movies, but in recent years (after "The Sixth Sense"), I no longer find them entertaining. Instead, horrible images plague me for days, and I find myself postponing midnight potty runs till morning. =/
Anyhow, I didn't really pay much attention to "Spy Game"....I was trying to catch up on some reading. But Aric liked it.

Today we didn't do much. Slept in, and hung out at home. Tonight we had dinner with Aric's family (relatives on his dad's side), in celebration of Chinese New Years. Aric, Ashlyn and I got to sit at the "kids" table, along with Aric's grandmother. We ate at Mandarin Restaurant in Fountain Valley, a place Aric frequents often for lunch with coworkers. They have really good food and nice friendly service.

18420 Brookhurst Street
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
Tel: (714) 962-5789
Fax: (714) 962-6058

Aric's cousins - Alex, Jerry, Cheryl, and Jessica

Ashlyn and her Uncle Patrick

Ashlyn, shaking hands with her great grandmother

Peg: "Why didn't you tell me the WHOLE family was going?!"
Aric: "I didn't know."
Peg: "Dang,
I looked like a slob!"
Aric: "Well, so did I."
Um, like that's a comfort or anything. *sheesh*

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