I woke up with alcohol still running through my viens. *YUCK!* I vowed to never drink again (yeah, I've said that before). Ashlyn's still coughing and sounding pretty congested, but she's in better spirits. I took her outside since the weather was nice, and we sat in the warm sun for almost an hour. We both needed the fresh air. hehehe
Wil and Tony hosted a SuperBowl party at their place. Most of the wedding party was there, along with the newlyweds. We ate pizza and buffalo wings. Matty tortured me by asking if I wanted a beer. *gag*...the mere thought of alcohol gives me the heebie-jeebies. =/

Today was pretty chill. We watched the game, then a whole evening of Fear Factor.

everyone just kickin' it

Ashlyn's pic of the day...Uncle Wing making her laugh

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