Photos from Ivy and Oli's Wedding

Oli and Ivy

Steve, Pete, Martin, Paul, Steve, Aaron Oli, Ivy, Taryn, Wil, Cin, me, Bett, Olivia, and Mayu

the bridesmaids

me and Ivy

Wil, Dad, Mom, Sis, and me

me and Ashlyn

Amanda, Eva, Sis, Ivy, Mom, Heather, Marisa, and Christel

Ashlyn, with her godmother and Oli

The happy couple

me and Bett

Today was a personally proud moment of my life...to be a part of such a special and momentous occasion for Ivy. I've know her since I was 7 years old, and seeing her start a whole new chapter of her life brought tears to my eyes (many times) and a warmth to my heart. I wish them both great happiness! I love and adore you both!!!

Unfortunately, I turned into a pitiful light-weight and retired to the suite before dancing even started. I blame the groomsmen and their kamizake shots!...DAMNIT, I'm not rushing your fraternity! hehehehe I woke up, next to Bett, at 2AM. My hair was still up and my make-up was still flawless. ...although I was out of my dress and in my pjs. Hmmmm, I wondered how that happened?! (Thanks to Wil, Sarah, and El) hehehe *ugh* I really hate that feeling. I showered before joining the rest of the party in the suite. I kicked it for a while before Wing drove me home.

Ashlyn's pic of the day...look at my lil' princess!

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