This morning I took Ashlyn to the doctor's. She's not getting better, and my parents were really concerned. They called a pediatrician-friend of theirs and made an appointment. Luckily, the doctor said that it's just a cold, and that she should get over it soon. There was nothing he could prescribe her or anything. Poor baby! =(
I spent the entire day with her, before heading to the hotel for rehersal. The entire wedding party is staying at the hotel tonight. Ivy and Oli got us a huge suite at the Fairmont. Can we say "Lap of Luxury"?
Rehersal went well, and afterwards we walked across the street to the Pavillion, and had a late dinner at Johnny Rockets. Downtown San Jose has gotten really nice in recent years. It used to be so rundown and shabby...but that's no longer the case.

Entire wedding party (photo taken off the reflection of a mirror)

Steve, Pete, Martin, and Aaron

Oli, Tony, Steve, and Paul

Cin, Olivia, Ivy, Mayu, Wil, Bett, and me

Downtown San Jose

Gotta paint nails, shave, pluck, and primp. Tomorrow is Ivy and Oli's big day! YAY! =D

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