Tonight we had Ivy and Oli's rehersal dinner up in the City. It's been a while since I've gone into San Francisco, and I really miss it. Driving through Embarcadero, the Pier, and Fisherman's Wharf brought back so many fond memories. It was such a crisp clear night, and I felt like a kid in a candy store....my eyes lit up at all the sights and smells.
Wil yelled at me: "Roll up the window, Peg! It's freezing!" Wing laughed at me for being such a tourist, and for taking so many pictures from the car. *Sheesh, peoples!* I love San Francisco! Especially now that I'm living in such a quiet cookie-cutter town, I realize it lacks a certain "flavor" and diversity.

Dinner was at The Mandarin, in Ghirardelli Square. Food was excellent!...as well as the company! =)

900 North Point (at Ghirardelli Square)
San Francisco, CA 94109
Tel: (415) 673-8812
Fax: (415) 673-5480

Matty and Cin

Sarah, Wil, Bett, Cin, me, and Ivy

Reina, Bett, Tally, and Pete

Martin, Mayu, Paul, and Aaron

Wing, Kaori, me, and Tony

The highlight of the evening was getting wedding-party gifts from Ivy and Oli. It was by far the coolest and most generous wedding-party gift I've ever received! Ivy and Oli got all 12 of us Xooter scooters from The Sharper Image! Crazy, huh? A bunch of us took the scooters outside and zipped around Ghirardelli Square...until we got scolded by a security guard. hehehehe

The wedding party with our hot new wheels!

Ivy and her bridesmaids (not pictured is the ever-so camera shy Mayu)

Well, only 2 more days till Ivy and Oli's big day!....gettin' nervous!

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