YAY!...I finally finished my project! It's part of Ivy and Oli's wedding gift (I'll post pics after the wedding so as not to give it away). I spent the day with my sicky-bear. Ashlyn's really grumpy when she's not feeling well, and she's been screaming like a banshee the past couple of days. Nothing I do helps. I had once told my friends that motherhood hasn't quite sunken in yet....and I just feel like I'm babysitting 24/7. Especially the first week Ashlyn was born....both Aric and I were in awe of this tiny child, wondering when we would have to "give her back". Well, not to sound like a horrible person, but this would be a good time to "give her back". Okay, I do sound like a horrible person! It's just that I'm frustrated over my inability to comfort her. My cousin, Stella, came over today and she told me she felt the same way with her first child. She said she'd cry along with him. Hmmmm, I haven't gotten to that point yet. =/ It was a relief just to know that I wasn't the only one who felt that way. Anyway, Stella wanted to give me a break, and insisted on taking Ashlyn over to her house while I ran errands. I didn't feel right about it, but it turned out to be exactly what I needed. I had to go to the mall to get Ashlyn an outfit for the wedding. By the time I got back, I knew my place again...and I think Ashlyn was happy to see me.

me and Bett

Wil with sicky-bear

I met up with Wil, Tony, and Bett for dinner at this Vietnamese coffee house nearby...they make delicious gourmet sandwiches on toasted french rolls. The problem with the bread is that it cuts up the roof of your mouth (as does Dutch Crunch). But it's worth it. Then I hung out at Wil and Tony's for a bit before heading home.

Grandma always makes Ashlyn feel better

Ashlyn with bad mommy...BAD!

I just realized that I shouldn't complain...even at Ashlyn's worst, she's still a pretty good baby. I hope she gets well soon!

Aric and I are reduced to a couple of short phone calls a day (due to our busy schedules). It's really weird being so far from him for this long. Granted, we're both really independant people, I still miss him terribly. And I know he's completely torn apart by the fact that he can't be around to see how much Ashlyn's changing and growing. *sigh* Just another week or so.

Well, only 3 more days till Ivy and Oli's big day! Thank You/Rehersal dinner is tomorrow. =)

Ashlyn's pic of the day...in 1 of 4 outfits I bought today.
Can't decide which one...she looks so cute in all of them!

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