Wishing you a good one!


This morning, Wil, Tony, and Wing picked me and Ashlyn up in Wil's new ride. A bunch of us reserved today for Ivy and Oli (to finish up on most of their wedding stuff)....just six more days till their BIG day!!! Needless to say, Wil's car is pretty damn sweet! It seated all five of us comfortably, and the ride was smooth...a drastic change from the bumpy ride of the 4Runner. Perhaps too smooth because Tony kept warning Wil that she was driving too fast. In my opinion, it hardly felt like we were going 85 MPH. hehehehe Can I say that I absolutely LOVE the new-car-smell?! =)
Wil didn't tell anyone about this purchase, so when we pulled up to Ivy and Oli's, Wil got out first to surprise everyone. Before I could even get Ashlyn out of the car, I heard a loud squeal from my girlfriends as they all bum-rushed the car.

Ivy, Cin, Bett, and Wil

We spent the entire day and evening working on place-cards, programs, and decorations. Without ruining the surprise for Ivy's guests, I won't go into detail until after the wedding. But all I have to say is that I'm really impressed and excited about how creative and meticulous Ivy is when it comes to all the details of wedding planning. We think she should go into business for herself. She's really amazing!!! Her guests will be in for a real treat come Saturday! =D

Here are some pictures from today:

Sarah, Ashlyn, and Parkin

Tony, Bett, Olivia, Ivy, Cin, Pete, Mayu, and Sarah working the "assembly line"

Bett, Wing, Tony, Parkin, Sarah, and Olivia

Paul, Bett, and Ashlyn

Ivy, Sarah (feeding Ashlyn), me and Bett

A great BIG thanks to Ivy and Oliver for providing food and snacks throughout the day! Thanks to Peter for cooking dinner for us and BAM!...kickin' it up a notch! And to everyone else who helped out and made today feel more like fun than work! =D

Ashlyn's pic of the day
found herself in the mirror and now she can't stop admiring her own reflection.

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