Hope you're enjoying your birthday BBQ! See you, and Brooke, when I get back. =D

My parents had a huge potluck party today. The first thing I did this morning was vaccuum, help my mom clean up, and prep some food. The party started kinda early...around 2pm and lasted till close to midnight! It was nice seeing my parents' friends again. Everyone took turns holding the baby...allowing me to hang out, eat, and supervise the other kids.
I realized that after watching the older kids, it's still easier for me just to watch Ashlyn...afterall, she only eats, sleeps, poops, and looks around. I also realized that I'm a pretty strict parent by nature. During dinner, I watched this mother chase her 9 year old girl with a plate full of food...feeding her while her unruly daughter played. Um, excuse me...but at 9 years old, shouldn't you be able to feed your own damn self?! Not only that, but at one point, her daughter screamed "MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS!" when her mother asked her something. The mother did nothing. OH HELL NAW! If I were her mom, I'd drag her to the bathroom and open up a can of whoop-@ss! Kids these days need discipline. Believe me...Ashlyn will know her limits. The other kids were delightful, and as usual...my niece, Marisa, lead the pack. She seems to be real popular with all kids...older and younger. They seem to see her as "The Boss". Funny...I see her as a brat! HAHAHAHAHA

My old childhood friend, Alan, came to the party with his mom. It's been years since I've seen him, and it was great catching up with him.
Pictures from today:

Heather, Sis, Eva, and Ashlyn

The kids: Shari, Amanda, Jan, Ashlyn, and Marisa

Tony and Wil pigging out

Ashlyn, me, and Alan

Putting Ashlyn down to bed was pretty difficult tonight. It's hard to sleep when karaoke is blaring (not everyone sings well, ya know?), and when people keep coming into the room to use the adjoining bathroom. *poor baby!*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

Oh yeah, Wil bought a car today!...a 5-series BMW! It's her first new car! YAY! I'm looking forward to sitting in her G-Ride tomorrow! =)

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