Oli, Ashlyn, and Ivy

This afternoon Ashlyn and I met with Ivy, Oli, Sarah, and John at the hotel where Ivy and Oli will be holding their wedding reception. Apparently the wedding coordinator at the hotel was giving Ivy a bit of grief last week regarding DJ set up and ceremony decorations. I had urged Ivy to meet with the lady in person since they tend to be more accomodating when they have to stare you in the eye. Since I brought the baby, I decided it would be in Ivy's best interest if I don't sit in on their meeting. I mean, how unprofessional would that be to bring a bunch of friends AND a unpredictable infant? Anyhow, the meeting went well and Ivy got everything squared away. Afterwards, we went up to check out the ballroom.

Oli and Ivy practicing their first dance. hehehehe

Sarah and I had dinner plans with Rich, Millie, and Parkin for dinner in Walnut Creek. But we had a bit of time to kill before dinner so we walked around downtown, bought some pate, crackers, prosciutto, and Smoked Gruyere *yum*, and even stopped off to visit Wil at work. It was pleasantly weird when all of Wil's coworkers welcomed Ashlyn in the same manner you would greet an old friend. Wil, being the proud aunt, has shared stories and pictures of Ashlyn with her colleagues...they practically feel like they know her. hehehehe

My mom complained that Walnut Creek was such a far place to meet for dinner...but it only feels that way when you're fighting through Friday night traffic. Sarah and I took our time since we were ahead of schedule. Ashlyn's been pretty fussy in the car lately. She really despises sitting in that infant seat for a long period of time. So halfway to Walnut Creek, she started crying angrily. Sarah's such a sweetheart...she decided to climb in the back to keep Ashlyn company. But it was a bit of a struggle getting back there without nearly kicking me in the head! HAHAHA

Rich and Millie

We were originally going to meet at Jupiter Beers...but when we pulled up, the place had closed. So we went to Walnut Creek Yacht Club instead. They feature a huge selection of chowders, steamers, raw oysters, seafood platters, and choice meats. The main restaurant was pretty small. We were seated in an outdoor covered patio. It was really cozy and the heating lamps kept us toasty. Instead of ordering a full entree, I opted for a cup of chowder, salad with crumbled bleu cheese, and a bowl of steamed clams in a white wine/garlic broth. It was divine! =)
Here are some pictures from dinner...the nice artsy ones are from Rich's camera:

Ashlyn, perusing the menu with mom

Parkin and Sarah

Sarah, Ashlyn, Parkin, me, Millie, and Rich

1555 Bonanza Street
Walnut Creek, CA 94596
Tel: (925) 944-FISH
Fax: (925) 944-3405

Driving home didn't take that long. But once again, Ashlyn started her crying fit. That used to make me really nervous, and I would subconciously drive faster. But now I just crank up the radio. hehehehe. This time I tried something different...I stealthily reached behind the driver's seat, popped in her pacifier, and she was all good. *go-go-gadget arm!*

Ashlyn's pic of the day..."look at my big belly!"

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