Today I met my cousin, Eva, at Valley Fair. I needed to pick up some stuff for a project I'm currently working on. After I got the things that I needed, we walked around a bit and window shopped, then went to Lollicups in Cupertino. Afterwards, we fought our way through rush hour traffic to make it home for dinner. My dad got back from Taiwan tonight, and Wil and Tony came home for family dinner. My dad was only gone for a couple of weeks, but he was surprised at how much Ashlyn grew, and her incessant chatter. I spent the whole evening working on my project (to be revealed at a later date)...it's not quite done yet...probably a few more days.

The weather's been unbearably chilly. Most days the temperature is mid 50's and the evenings in the high 30's. Some bug is going around, and both my mom and cousin have it. I really hope I don't catch anything...especially right before Ivy's big day. *yikes*

Tomorrow's going to be a busy day for me. I'll be out and about doing stuff with Ivy, John, and Sarah. Sarah and I have dinner plans with Rich and Millie tomorrow night as well, so I'll be sure to posts pics. =)

Oh, another thing I miss about Northern Cal are the radio stations. In Southern Cal, they rarely play anything new...just played-out Top-40 stuff...mixed with some whacked old stuff (ie..."Here Comes the Hotstepper"...hate that song). Plus every morning, Aric wakes up to Steve Harvey...and I'm sorry, but he's just NOT funny. I like waking up to The DogHouse....now they're funny! Anyhow, I switch between Wild 94.9, @lice, and Z-95. Wild actually plays a lot of the stuff I like. The other day they played "Elevate My Mind". Whoa!...back in the day! =D Then they asked people to call in and name the artist for a prize. I was so appauled that so many people couldn't get it right. C'mon now...it's Stereo MC! *sheesh!*

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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