Today Ivy came over and we ran some more errands. We ate lunch at TK Noodle (chain #...I dunno). That's one place I miss living down in Southern Cal...that they don't have TK Noodle. In the Bay Area, there are so many TK Noodle Houses...it's such a fast, cheap, and yummy place to grab lunch or dinner. Wing and I used to have lunch there all the time. Afterwards, we picked up my bridesmaid dress at the tailors. It's this lil' hole-in-the-wall tailor shop in Lion Plaza, but Nancy, the seamstress, does such a kickass job. We always go to her. Wil had all her bridesmaid dresses custom-made there. If you ever need an alteration or a dress made, check her out...and tell her Peg sent ya! =D

1818 Tully Road #156
San Jose, CA 95148
Tel: (408) 270-5817

Ivy and Ashlyn at the tailors

Ivy and I stopped by Michael's to look for some rubber stamps for Cin. Funny thing was, my mom and Sis were there also, but we never crossed paths. Our wedding project for the day was to sew Ivy's drapes for her ceremony site. I busted out my old Singer sewing machine from the garage...and luckily that dusty ancient thing still works amazingly great. Wil and Tony came over after work and we got the drapes done in no time. YAY!...that's one less thing to worry about. On to the next project...

Wil and Ivy slaving away

We ate dinner at home, then just hung out. Wil loves to give Ashlyn tummy-time. I warned Wil that it's never a good idea to give babies tummy-time right after a feeding...but did she listen? NOOOOOOOOO.

Ashlyn spit up on Auntie Wil! HAHAHAHAHA!

it was much safer an hour later with Uncle Tony

But with babies, you never know. Just be sure you're not wearing anything that requires dry-cleaning. hehehehe

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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