Today Ashlyn and I hung out with Ivy and Cin. We ran errands and shopped around. Cin has a new interest...collecting rubber stamps. Dude, that's such a sorority-thing to do...that, puffy-painting, and scrap-booking. Guess it's perfect for her since she was once a founding-mom for KDPhi's (Davis chapter). It's funny because Cin's not really the sorority-type...not that I'm knocking sorority girls or anything. Okay, maybe I am, just a little. I was never in a sorority, but from what I've seen and heard, I don't think I've missed much. =P hehehehehehe
We went to a crafts store in South City, then Michael's in San Mateo looking for rubber stamps.

Ashlyn with her godmother, Ivy

We met up with Wil and Bett for Girl's Nite at Red Robin in Bridgepoint...and tonight, Daisy joined us (along with her little boy, Christopher). Daisy and I were both Cin's bridesmaids, and both Daisy and I were expecting our babies on the same day. Initially, the news freaked Cin out....she was like, "Man, what is going on here?" Anyways, Daisy delivered two weeks early. I guess Christopher couldn't wait to come out. =D Daisy and I had been meaning to meet up and introduce our lil' one's to each other. Cin joked that she's trying to hook 'em up, and that she'll be collecting her match-maker's fee later.

Daisy holding Ashlyn

me and Christopher

I was really bummed that I didn't get a picture of Ashlyn and Christopher side by side. Apparently my camera was on in my bag all day and the battery died. Christopher's a bit taller than Ashlyn, but Ashlyn still reigns supreme in the "chubby" department. Anyhow, sparks didn't fly between the lil' ones since they were both glued to the TV and the bright neon lights. Eh...give it another 18 years and it may be a whole different story. hehehehe

Speaking of TV, Sports Center was on at Red Robin, and they kept showing a brawl that broke out between Tyson and Lewis at the press conference. What was up with that?! We couldn't hear what was going on, but they replayed it several times. In my opinion, Tyson should not be allowed to box after the Holyfield/ear-biting incident. There's something deeply wrong with that man. Oh, and what's with the white guy trying to break it up?...dude, would you get in between Tyson, Lewis, and all the bodyguards while fists are flying??? That's like begging for a beat down!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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