My poor mother had injured herself pretty badly. She had slipped and fell, hurting her right arm, while preparing Ashlyn's bath over the weekend. So now she can't really move it. I keep offering to take her to the doctor's, but she adamantly refuses. We'll wait another day, and if doesn't improve, I'm going to have to drag her to the doctor's. =T

I didn't do too much today, but because it was Martin Luther King Jr 's birthday, my nieces didn't have school. And I had promised to take them to Dave and Buster's a week ago, so that's where we went...along with Sis and my mom. Afterwards, my mom and I walked around the Great Mall. In this one store, that plastered "Going Out Of Business' banners all over the place, I got in a verbal altercation with a stupid sales lady. I should have foreseen it by the way she spoke to us when my mom asked her about an item. I'm quite familiar with that condescending and impatient tone when dealing with "asian" folks. But it didn't get ugly until the old hag of a sales women got b*tchy when I changed Ashlyn's diaper in the store. I did it in Ashlyn's stroller, in a private corner of a completely empty store. The sales lady walked by and said something along the lines of, "there are restrooms with changing tables for that"...but she said it as if I didn't understand english. When I acknowledged that I understood her, she was somewhat embarassed...but her pride and her "I'm superior" attitude compelled her to mutter something rude as she walked away. Dude, I hate when people do that!...it's as if they don't have the guts or decency to say whatever they were going to say directly to your face. Anyhow, she muttered something about us being "offensive"...so I went off on her. My mom sort of broke it up, and then the lady went to go hide in the back room or something. What is the big freakin' deal anyways?! Granted, I knew that I shouldn't have been lazy and gone to find a restroom, but the restrooms in the Great Mall are not easily accesible, and I didn't want to leave my mom alone with her aching arm. Besides, I can just tell that the disgruntled sales lady's intention was not to teach me about hygiene etiquette. She was purposely trying to pick on us. *idiot!* They must not like customers since they couldn't be courteous or civil to the only patrons in their store. *shake head* I was so irritated that it killed my mood to shop. My mom and I went home shortly after that.

When we got home, a beautiful floral arrangement was waiting for me...a "thank you" gift from Ivy. It cheered me up right away! =)
The rest of the night was pretty chill. My mom and I fixed dinner, just hung out at home,
ate in front of the TV and watched Fear Factor and Third Watch.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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