We got up around 9am this morning. Had breakfast and headed down for our spa appointments. Mayu, Bett, and I went in first for our treatments, then Ivy, Cin, and Wil. At the spa, there's no room for modesty...you have to get nude in front of everyone...yep, butt-nekkid (all women of course). Mayu got the full hour massage, while Bett, Cin, Ivy, Wil, and I selected the mudbath and half hour massage session. The whole process involves getting undressed and showering before a personal attendant helps you into the mudbath and covers you from neck to toe with warm volcanic mud. You lie there and unwind for 15 minutes, get out, rinse off, and then soak in a tub of pure geyser mineral water for another 15 minutes. The attendant serves you a cool refreshment of citrus/cucumber water before leading you into the steam room for 10 minutes. From there, you go into a private room where they wrap you in dry blankets, place cucumber slices and a cold compress over your eyes while you cool down for another 10 minutes.Your massage therapist comes to get you and leads you into another room for a massage of your choice (Swedish, deep-tissue, etc). Afterward, you rinse off again and can either go into the steam room again or put on your bathing suit and go out to the Mineral Pool. Bett and I opted for both.

me and Bett

I have to say...it was the most relaxing experience ever! My skin loved me for it! Everyone who came out from their treatments literally glowed! Mayu, Cin, Ivy, and Wil met us at the pool. We lounged around till we got hungry, then we headed back up to our cottage for lunch.

Cin, Bett, and Ivy prepping lunch (Mayu, in background, on the hammock)

Wil, Bett, May, and Ivy

Although the sun was out, it was still pretty cold (mid-50's). So after lunch, we moved the party inside. We spent the afternoon pigging out, kickin' it in front of the fireplace on mounds of throw pillows, and talking. It was incredibly relaxing. Eventually, every one of us dozed off and napped for an hour. We got up in time to get ready for dinner.

We had reservations at Brannan's Grill. The restaurant was beautiful...modestly sophisticated...not too stuffy...cozy and inviting. Because we're in the Napa Valley, their wine menu was thick! Since none of us are experts on wine, we settled for a bottle of Foppiano's Petite Sirah. Dinner was scrumptious! I had the Seared Tombo Tuna, Cin had the Grilled Angus Hanger Steak , both Wil and Mayu had the Seared Chilean Sea Bass , Ivy had the Shellfish Bouillabaisse and Butternut Squash Soup, and Bett had the Roasted Sonoma Chicken . For dessert, we shared a Ginger Spice Cake, Classic Crème Brulee, and Chocolate “Lava” Torte .

1374 Lincoln Avenue
Calistoga, CA 94515
Tel: (707) 942-2233
Fax: (707) 942-2299

Afterwards, we walked down the main strip, looking through the windows of boutiques. Although we're not too far from SF, it felt like we were in a completely different state...I want to say Oregon, but after Matty's description of Oregon, I'll say Colorado. hehehe Anyhow, we stopped off at a liquor store for a firelog, grenadine, and Wyders Pear Cider before heading back. We spent the evening much like the way we spent it during the day...in front of the fireplace on mounds of throw pillows, talking, and playing "Loaded Questions".

Today was a great day! We had so much fun. I do miss Aric and Ashlyn though. =)

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