In a group email:
Wil: "Hello all, a few folks have expressed interest in getting together for dinner....please let me know if this Thursday night works for all. Union City, restaurant TBD, at 6:45ish."
Cin: "We will be there!! Where should we eat?"
Ivy: "Is it too late for Oli and I to join?"
Tony: "Of course not Ivy. We would love to have you and Oli join us. :)"
Bett: "that's creepy...."

HAHAHAHA! Yeah, I'm with Bett...reading Tony's reply to Ivy did give me the heebie-jeebies. Ivy and Tony's relationship is based on teasing, back-handed compliments, and insults. It's their way of showing they care, and we've all grown
accustomed to it. But as of last week, Tony announced that he will be "nicer" to Ivy till her wedding. As wonderful as that gesture is...we'll see if we can all handle it without scratching the skin off our arms. *goosebumps*. =P

[mischievious toddler + unsuspecting baby + permanent market = NO GOOD!]

The above picture was another amusing email I got this morning (from Ray). The subject heading said something along the lines of "Something to consider when having more kids"...
Are you kidding?!...I think the fun of child-rearing is the unexpected moments and interesting things that kids say and do. I was telling Aric that right when I think I've gotten down Ashlyn's patterns and behaviors, she busts out with something different. I'm completely fascinated by a child's mind. Have you ever watched little kids interact with one another at a birthday party or playground? You can always see who has the more dominant personalities. My parents said that as a kid, I was real bossy. Who me?!!..that's hard to imagine. hehehehe
Anyway, the way kids process things, how sharp and observant they are, and their innocence! *squeal* ..it's really amazing. Take for instance...the other day, when I was at Sis' house, I saw a letter written to Santa from Marisa on the fridge. It said:
Dear Santa,
My biggest sister said that you're not real. But I know you are.
Mommy said not to ask you for any presents, but you can leave a check here if you want.

HAHAHAHAHA! Is that hilarious or what?!

Once again, I didn't do much today. Hung out with Heather and Eva, played with the baby, watched MTV's The Real World-Chicago, and checked email. Tonight Ivy's coming over to go over wedding stuff. My mom's friend Linda, who works at the Estee Lauder counter at Nordstrom's is also coming over...she's going to show me how to apply eye-makeup. My makeup regime usually consisted of powder, blush, and lipstick. I used to swipe on eyeliner on my upper lids, but by the end of the day, it smudges off and nobody bothers to tell me I have raccoon eyes...so I stopped using liner. My mom thinks I look perpetually sleepy without any eye-makeup. *shrug*

Look...Ashlyn's got some blinding new kicks!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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