Sarah Michelle Gellar's hair

Today I got an email from Millie, with a link to the picture above, saying: "hi peg, remember you asked me when i visited you, to let you know if i see a hair that would look cute on you? How's this?....ally macbeal has this look too. but i swear you would totally look cute in this! there are shorter versions of this look too!"
YES!!! I love the hair!...
I'm just not sure how it would look on me (afterall, any haircut and style looks fab on Sarah Michelle Gellar!). I do see a potential problem with that style though. My hair has a stubborn flipping pattern...it flips out on the left, and flips in on the right. No matter what I do, it won't go the way I want. I wonder if straight-perms correct that problem. Anyone know?

Didn't do much today...slept in, hung out with my cousins, played with Ashlyn, watched TV, and surfed the net. With my cousins around fighting over the baby, I find myself with so much free time....I don't know what to do with myself!?!?!?! I know what I would do if I were back at home. I'd start painting the baby's room....unfortunately, I'm not. =T

I talked to Aric several times today, and found out that he won't be able to attend Ivy's wedding (due to his company keeping him pretty busy). I'm really bummed!...*pout* ...he won't get to see me look pretty in my bridesmaid's dress. HAHAHAHA I'm shamefully self-centered, huh? HAHAHAHA Seriously though, I know we've both been really looking forward to seeing Ivy and Oli get married and I know Aric 's disappointed that he's going to miss it. =(

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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