I was reading Matty's journal today, and...*watch out!* homeboy sounds pretty pissed!!!
He gets heat from all of us about moving to Hawaii and taking Cin away. I know I've dished my share of jokes and threats, but in all seriousness, I would be truly and deeply saddened should they ever move. Not only would I miss Cin, but I would miss Matty just as much. I've known the both of them for so long. We've been through a lot together, they watched me grow (I feel like their "kid"), and they are very dear to me...and from the very beginning, it was a known fact that they would someday move. Though impending and inevitable, I've been preparing myself. I guess I can't say much (even if I wanted to), since I was the first to move away. *sigh* We've all talked about it many times, even as recent as last night....it's definitely a toughie. I can see it from many sides...Cin's, Matty's, mine, and my girlfriends'. Not to sound like I'm throwing my girlfriends under the bus, but ultimately, it's not our decision to make nor influence.
One advice my dad gave on marriage was to follow your husband wherever he goes (whether we liked it or not). I know that sounds really old-fashioned, but I fully accepted it. I mean, if Aric were to relocate to China, I guess I'd be updating about the sights from the Great Wall.
Speaking for myself, I support whatever decision they make. I do realize that our ritualistic dinners and hanging-out time would become far and few. And as we all grow and change in our individual and hectic lives (careers, babies, etc..)...I fear that we would slowly drift apart, until one day you look back on old photographs and say, "yeah, those were the best times. I wonder what they're up to now." *Eeek*...I hope not!!! Now I'm just freaking myself out.

I didn't do too much today. Hung around the house with my cousins, watched TV, folded laundry, and played with Ashlyn. My mom, Tony, Wil, Eva, and I went to Pasta Pomodoro for dinner. When we got back, Wil colored my hair for me. I wanted to do something different to my hair since reading Wahine's hair-check these days, and complaining to Winnie about my Ally McBeal (first season) flat dull look. I bought Garnier Lumia's "Bloomin' Berry" (it's like a deep shade of red). We colored Eva's hair with the remaining solution. After waiting 20 minutes and rinsing it out, I barely noticed a difference. My mom laughed at me. Tomorrow, I'm going to carefully inspect it under the sunlight. *molded* =P
I'm considering cutting my hair short again...I'll wait till after Ivy's wedding.

You know how they say that imitation is the biggest form of flattery? Well, in this case, it's not... Copy-Cat Girl is at it again. I swear this madness has got to stop. If she's not embarassed by her lack of creativity and individuality, then I'm embarassed for her. *shake head* ...what a LOSER!

The smile that makes everything okay

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