Today was Ivy's Bridal Shower. Thirty-some guests came to "shower" Ivy with all of their blessings, love, and support. We served our guests all of Ivy's favorite foods, snacks, drinks, and sweets. AND if you know Ivy, you'll know that everyone was buzzin' on a sugar high. =)
We played such games as "Who am I?", "Who knows Ivy Best?", and Wedding Pictionary. We also showed a Q&A Video (which featured Oli in a pre-recorded video answering the same set of questions we asked Ivy). They both answered one another's questions correctly...proving that they really are meant to be together. *grin* The party was a success, and the bride-to-be had a wonderful time. I also got a chance to see and catch up with many old friends. Here are some pictures from Ivy's party:

Ivy and her bridesmaids:
Mayu, Wil, Cin, Bett, and me (not pictured is Olivia, who is curently at school in NY)

Bett, Cin, and Wil

me and Sarah

Juana and her daughter, Megan

Christel, Marisa, Sis, and Amanda

Virginia with her son, Matthew

Evain holding Ashlyn and Megan

Ashlyn and her auntie Wil

The party ended around 5pm, but a bunch of close friends hung around to chat, eat, and help clean up. I finally got back to my parent's place around 10:30pm! Aside from all the fun, today was a long exhausting day. I guess it didn't help that Bett and I stayed up til 3:30am last night talking and laughing. =P
Thanks to all that came out to make Ivy's special day a memorable one!

Ashlyn's pic of the day
I just realized that my daughter is freakishly big for her age. At three months, she measured the same in size and weight as Megan, who's seven months old! *gasp!*

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