Got up early and packed up some stuff for me and Ashlyn (since we'll be staying over at Ivy and Oli's tonight, prepping for Ivy's bridal shower tomorrow). Had lunch with my family and then Wil and I dropped off our dad at the airport before heading over to Ivy's. My dad's going to Taiwan for a couple weeks to visit family and friends. My parents had won a ticket on EVA Airlines a while back in a raffle drawing or something...so my dad decided to redeem it.
Ivy put us to work on wedding stuff and we got it all done in no time...time flies when you're having fun. We spent the rest of the evening prepping food, wrapping shower game prizes, and decorating the house.

Cin, Ivy, Wil, Bett, and Mayu

Sarah joined us, and we all went to Hotaru for dinner...the restaurant we most frequent for Girl's Nite Dinners. Hotaru is one of few places that serves really fresh Hamachi sashimi. Mmmmm, yum! They're also popular for their combination dinner specials, huge portions, and reasonable prices. The restaurant is not very big, so on a busy night, the wait can get pretty long. But since we're regular patrons, we were seated in a private room upstairs. Didn't know Hotaru had an upstairs room, did ya? Well, if you roll with me, you roll in style. hehehehehe

Wil, Cin, Ivy, me, Ashlyn, Bett, Sarah, and Mayu

pouring over fashion mags for wedding hair ideas

33 E 3rd Avenue
San Mateo, CA 94401
Tel: (650) 343-1152

Afterwards, we picked up some stuff at Target, grabbed coffee at Starbucks, and headed back to Ivy's. We finished up on shower stuff while watching SNL. Josh Hartnett was tonight's host, and Pink was tonight's musical guest. Yeah, baby!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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