This morning we got up early so Aric could drop me and Ashlyn off at the airport before he went to work. My flight was delayed a bit, so I grabbed breakfast, sat around, and people-watched. Since September 11th (and with the added security), I realized that I've been denied one of my greatest pleasures of being at an airport...being able to watch other people get dropped off or picked up at the gate. It's always interesting seeing couples or families bid each other farewell with hugs and kisses (and tears, at times), or seeing the excitement and fanfare when picking up a loved one. I mean, where else would you be able to see that?! I suppose it hit a personal chord, since prior to getting married, my long-distance relationship with Aric revolved around airports and our bi-monthly visits. Ooooh, I remember the anticipation of an arrival and the goofy butterflies I always felt in the pit of my stomache. As well as the bittersweet dread of saying goodbyes. Those were feelings we knew quite well. We used to often hope for a flight to be delayed just so we could spend extra time together. =P
The airport terminal has lost it's flair...it's no longer exciting to people-watch. Actually, it's down right boring. I sat among people talking business on their cells, flipping through magazines or newspapers, or picking their noses (literally!). DAMN YOU, TERRORISTS!

Anyhow, Sis picked us up and we met up with my parents for lunch at a taqueria in downtown San Jose. I hung out at my mom's office for a bit, then Sis and I went shopping at Target. When I got back to my parent's place, I unpacked all of my, and Ashlyn's, stuff. Dude, I packed a whole lot!
I even brought my beloved Garfield blanket with me. Aric thought I was nuts. But I love that blanket! As tow up as that blanket is, I'm abnormally attached to it. I had made it in the 7th grade...the stuffing pretty much fell apart and gathers at the bottom...other than that, I think it's been holding up nicely. Aric always teases me about it being old and that we should get rid of it. *pout* The only person who understands, accepts, and even feels flattered when I share it is Bett. She even made a reference to my blanket in her maid-of-honor speech at my wedding.
hehehe I LOVE HER!!! =D

I spent the rest of the evening hanging out with my parents, my cousins, and my niece, Marisa.
For a little girl, Marisa is so
gung-ho about babysitting Ashlyn. She wanted to take care of Ashlyn all by herself...so we humored her. After a couple of hours, she got kinda tired and gave the baby back. I was impressed that my niece even lasted two hours!

Marisa holding Ashlyn

Marisa feeding Ashlyn

Wil and Tony stopped by after dinner. We ended up watching MTV's 20 Most Outrageous Moments and MTV Doc: Little People (a documentary on dwarfs). Lately I've been hooked on MTV...especially MTV's Cribs. I love seeing how the rich and famous live. Well, it's late and I'm tired. But it's pretty cool being able to update from the laptop! SWEEEEET!

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