Ashlyn's pics of the day

This morning Ashlyn had her third well-baby visit. She's 90th percentile in weight and length...I guess that's a good sign that she's growing nicely. Even though my inner voice keeps whining, "noooooo...stay small forever!" She also had her second set of immunization shots. This time, I prepared myself to be strong. I figured that if I didn't make an owie-face, she might not cry. It sort of worked. She flinched when the first needle went in, and started to "wind-up" (Ashlyn has a series of snorts before she actually cries...we call it the "wind-up"). She finally let out a howl by the time the fourth needle came out. I have to say...she's a lot braver than I am! Her doctor couldn't stop raving over how sweet and mild mannered she was. Yes, she's my good lil' girl! *beaming*

I was supposed to meet Aric and his coworkers for lunch, but Ashlyn's appointment took longer than anticipated. I met up with them at Aric's work, and they were really kind to bring back food for me...lots of it! It was so good to see Anne (who no longer works there, but still stays in touch). It's been a while since Aric's coworkers have seen Ashlyn, and they all tripped out over how big she's gotten. They all lined up to hold her. We didn't stay long since Aric had a meeting to attend.
I got lost coming home from Aric's work. *moron!* One of the freeways was under construction and the traffic was horrendous, that I decided to exit and take the local streets. Obviously, I'm still getting to know my way around...but my once keen sense of direction was totally out of whack. It took me nearly an hour to get home.! *ugh*

Once home, I cleaned up, checked email, uploaded pictures on the computer, and played with Ashlyn. When Aric came home, he said that Ed and Sue wanted to get together for dinner. I swear...since the new year, I have not cooked a single meal!!! I feel guilty for eating out so much. *sigh* Ed needed to pick up something at The North Face in Triangle Square, so we stopped there first. We ate at Pasta Connection. Look at their sign (below). I thought it was too cute!

1902 Harbor Boulevard
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Tel: (949) 646-3484

The restaurant is small, cozy, and dimly lit. The decor is very mom-and-pop. The food is authentic, fresh, and plentiful...and it's not very expensive.
While walking back to our car, Ed and Aric stopped short to check out a car:

The Infinity G35

Heard it's not out yet. It had dealer plates on it. Eh...it looked aiight to me, nothing special. From the front it looks good, but the back is kinda jacked. But what do I know?! =P
Ed and Aric wanted to get a picture for Rich (who's a fellow car enthusiast). So here you go, Rich! Enjoy!

Today was another long day. I'm pooped!

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