Last night we ended up having dinner at Mike and Nancy's, along with Ben and Liz. We really didn't know how Mike and Nancy's dog, Aji, would react to Ashlyn...or vice versa. Surprisingly, Aji loved Ashlyn, and was fiercely protective. Any time the baby made a sound, Aji would come running to scope out the scene. Ashlyn was...well, she was indifferent. Although she did find Aji's constant licking a fascinating sensation. Mike made us a traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage dinner (even though he's not Irish), and then we hung out and watched "The Professional".
Both Aric and I love dogs, so driving home last night, I asked him if he wanted a dog.
Aric: "yeah"
Peg: "a little one?"
Aric: "nah, a big one...they're smarter, more gentle, and a lot more fun."
Peg: "but our backyard can't accomodate a big dog."
Aric: "yeah"
*bummer!* Well, I guess I can handle
only one rug-rat for now.

Aji watching over Ashlyn

Ashlyn just chillin'

Mike and Ashlyn

Ben, Liz, and Ashlyn

This morning Aric and I got up early to attend a Bridal Fair with Ann and Phil at the Hilton in Costa Mesa. I have to say that it was the nicest Bridal Fair I've ever attended. I enjoyed all the different booths and vendors' displays...especially the cakes!

courtesy of Cinderella Cakes
(714) 241-9536

courtesy of Black Forest Bakery of Dana Point
(949) 240-7100

courtesy of Rockwell's Gourmet Bakery
(714) 921-0622

We spent most of the day there. Afterward, Aric and I grabbed a late lunch, and headed home. I took a nap with Ashlyn while Aric worked on the computer. We had dinner with Ben and Liz at Macaroni Grill. We had made these plans early in the week...not knowing that we were going to see each other at Mike's last night (which was an added bonus). Both Ben and Liz are so good with Ashlyn...they offered to babysit for me. Be careful what you say, because I WILL take you up on that offer!

Speaking of Ashlyn, she turned three months old today! So what have I noticed about her this month? She smiles a lot and is beginning to learn how to laugh. She drools like it's nobody's business. She stays awake longer during the day and she can easily sleep 10-12 hours straight! She can steady her head while sitting up (assisted, of course). She "talks" and "sings" all the time now...and loudly! She loves attention. She is so playful. She is so much fun!

Ashlyn's pic of the day

Today was a long day...I'm pooped! Hoped y'all had a great weekend!

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