This morning we were woken up by a tele-marketer, "Good morning, this is blah-blah-blah from blah-blah-blah Mortgage. I was just wondering if we can interest you on a low interest rate loan". *CLICK* I hate tele-marketers. I think I get the most phone calls from tele-marketers... *pause*...How sad! =(

Sticker picture of Aric, Ashlyn, and me

Today Aric and I went to Babys R Us, which seems to be a weekly thing these days. I don't know why we always go on Saturdays???... I mean, I already know how crazy it gets on Saturdays. The cool thing is you get to check out other people's babies! =)
We had a nice lunch at Mitsuwa (formerly known as Yaohan). Mitsuwa has a big food court, and I can never decide on what to eat there....everything looks so yummy! I had the Tampopo ramen and Aric had a club sandwich. Club sandwich?!...yeah, that's an original Japanese specialty. *pwahaha* We walked around after we ate and looked at some Japanese pottery. My cousin got us some cute little soy-sauce dishes shaped like fishes in an array of different colors for Christmas. Those are really cute. But even though they advertised a big sale, those things are quite pricey....as all cute Japanese things are. Before we left Mitsuwa, we took sticker pictures. Aric and I used to take sticker pictures all the time when we were going out, but haven't done so in a really long time. He used to get heat from all the fellas about it. =P Ashlyn enjoyed it. She couldn't stop staring at the bright light that comes on after you insert the last dollar. She also got a kick out of the cutesty music and animae-voices that talks you through the picture taking process. We stopped off at Best Buy before heading home. Aric wanted to pick up his "The Fast and The Cheesy Furious" DVD. hehehe

Not sure what we're planning to do tonight. Aric talked to Mike, so we might do something with him. It's been ages since we've seen him and Nancy. Guess we'll see.

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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