I wasn't feeling well last night. Since Christmas, my stomach has been rather weak. Strange combinations of foods give me a tummy-ache. I know what Matty's going to say, and NO, I'm not refering to my favorite spam-katsu curry with cheese plate. I'm talking about consuming salty foods, then sweet, then hot foods, then cold foods, etc...
I blew chunks last night before bed. It was horrible! Aric brought me water and rubbed my back. And even though we're married and have seen each other through almost everything, I felt really uncomfortable knowing he stood behind me, watching me puke. That was the first time he's ever seen me puke (but I've seen him puke many times...all alcohol induced though. hehehe). I guess I no longer have a stomach of steel....no more stinky tofu sidewalk vendors in Taiwan for me. *boo-hoo* =(

Today I took it easy. I ate bland foods and drank plenty of liquids. I thought of last year, and it still blows me away with how much happened. It makes me dizzy just thinking about it.
So here's the recap of my 2001:
Jan- Got engaged and found out I was pregnant
Feb- Planned wedding, booked reception sites, started packing, and planned Aric's 30th birthday party
March- More wedding planning, Backstreet Boys concert, Aric's birthday, my Bridal shower, and my move to Southern Cal
April- Our wedding, separate reception in Northern Cal, honeymooned in Maui and Oahu
May- Bett's visit, furnished and decorated house, and hardscaped the backyard
June- Las Vegas trip with friends, nieces graduation and a trip to Northern Cal
July- Bett's visit, a trip to Northern Cal, N*SYNC concert, and my parents' visit
Aug- Birthing classes, Brian & Grace's wedding, Baby Shower I, and Sarah & Parkin's visit
Sep- Birthing classes, started webpage, Joyce's visit, a trip to Northern Cal, Baby Shower II, Aric starts school, and Aric's mom's move
Oct- Wil, Tony, Ivy, Oli, and Bett's visit, Ashlyn was born, my parents' visit
Nov- Cin's visit, Rich & Millie's visit, my parents visit, Mike & Yvonne's wedding, Thanksgiving in Northern Cal
Dec- A trip to Northern Cal, Ivy & Oli's wedding party snow trip, Mary & Vincent's wedding, power Christmas shopping, and Christmas in Northern Cal

Looking back, the busiest and most stressful months were February, March, and the first half of April. After that, everything and anything was easy in comparison...you know, had many friends visit, made many trips up North, had a baby. *piece of cake* hehehe For me, 2001 is definitely a year to remember! I look forward to what this year has in store.
I typed out my resolutions, and I'm happy to see that the list continues to get shorter every year. Either I'm getting better at keeping resolutions or I'm becoming more realistic when making my list. HAHAHA So to spare you the whole list, here are my top five resolutions:

1) Be more patient, understanding, and loving towards Aric
2) Save money
3) Floss daily
4) Exercise on a consistent basis
5) Remember people's names

I'm not sure how to go about working on the 5th resolution. Is there something I can take to improve my memory? I never used to have that problem, but in the past few years, I've become really bad at remembering people's names...AND this is coming from someone who memorized her junior high school year book. Yeah, pathetic, I know. Suggestions and helpful hints are welcome. =)

Ashlyn's pic of the day

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