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female . Taiwanese . married . stay-at-home mom of 2 . Virgo . passionate. neat/clean freak . honest . goofy . settled . immature . adventurous . dreamer

San Jose, CA

Orange County, CA

Aric, Ashlyn & Summer, my parents, my sisters, my girlfriends, hanging out with friends, hugs, laughing, eating, movies, music, cooking, baking, shopping, pictures/photography, rollerblading, reading, biking, dancing, swimming, sewing, knitting, yoga, travelling, cleaning, deep tissue massages, and pedicures

my Garfield blanket, Blistex, laptop, cellphone, camera, dental floss, and TV

This webpage was created back in December of 1999 with the help of my then-boyfriend, and now-husband, for fun. It was a way to keep him and the rest of my friends in the loop.
In 2001, after moving to SoCal and the birth of our first daughter, it became a way to keep family and friends updated on our lives. For someone who never owned a diary or wrote in a journal, I can't believe I've kept at it for over 6 years!
Through this webpage, I've met and/or reconnected with some really wonderful people. My writing has changed through the years (same goes for the format), as it reflects the changes in my life. Though I'm constantly learning, growing, and aging, I still feel like a kid. I'm finally okay with that...I can only be me.



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